vDHd2021 – Presentation: Bringing the Hands of the Past to the Codes of Tomorrow: the CMO Project (08.09.2021, 14h00-16h00 CET)

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Datum: 08.09.2021 14h00-16h00

Organisiert von: Geschäftsstelle der Max Weber Stiftung Bonn, Orient-Institut Istanbul, Universität Münster

Note: This event is part of the contribution Virtuelle Reise: Digital Humanities in der Max Weber Stiftung.

With an aim of locating the 19th-century Ottoman music sources in the historical transition from early to contemporary musical practices, the project Corpus Musicae Ottomanicae (CMO) focuses on the critical editions of music manuscripts of the period. This is an edition of instrumental and vocal music pieces and texts in conjunction with an analysis of available concordances from a variety of sources. With two different notational practices involved, the project also aims at providing music researchers with a comparative basis to better account for different needs in editing and encoding music.

CMO draws on a modular infrastructure consisting of different components:

  • A data model developed specifically for CMO implemented in MEI and modeled according to the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR).
  • A web-based source catalog for searching and manuscript and print music sources.
  • The scholarly apparatus of the edition is integrated into the source catalog: all references to sources, persons, or research literature cited in the edition can be accessed via the source catalog. 

The integration of metadata into existing cataloging frameworks and the integration of encoding with digital editions makes the project significant not only from a musicological perspective but also for Digital Humanities and information science. A future goal of CMO is to further develop the components into a collatable digital edition in order to be able to address issues such as the digital modeling of different notation types or the multimodal modeling of text and music.

After the introduction of the project CMO, presenters and participants will discuss the possibilities and limits of capturing, modeling and presenting different notations of music or of multimodal resources that include text and music.

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