DH Professor or Associate Professor at the University of Cyprus

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Aus dem gerade zirkulierenden EMail:

… a new position in Digital Humanities [was] just announced at the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Cyprus.

It is a tenured appointment at the rank of Professor or Associate Professor in the field of «Digital Humanities». This is a Chair endowed by the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation (“Sylivia Ioannou Chair in Digital Humantities”)

The post is open to applicants with expertise within one or more of the following research foci:

(a) Design and creation of databases
(b) Digitisation of cultural heritage (tangible and non-tangible, archival material, etc.)
(c) Digital recording and spatial analysis through GIS
(d) Remote Sensing-Geophysics
(e) 3D visualisation

For detailed information please follow the link http://www.ucy.ac.cy/hr/documents/akdm_kenes_theseis/ISA/isaenglish.pdf

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