CfP: Workshop „Innovative Teaching Methods and Practices in Digital Humanities“

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We would like to share our Call for Proposals to participate in the full-day DARIAH VCC2 workshop “Innovative Teaching Methods and Practices in Digital Humanities” on July 7 at the Digital Humanities Conference 2014 in Lausanne.

With this workshop, we would like to encourage the participants – and, consequently, the DH community at large – to share their thoughts and ideas on how the development of a digital pedagogy for digital humanities should proceed. We are encouraging proposals from both long-time practitioners of DH and recent adopters with innovative ideas, methods and interest in digital humanities pedagogy. We are looking for thoughtful and creative contributions that will be surprising, enlightening and inspirational. We are interested not only in what works but also what doesn’t — and what we can learn from failed experiments.

The workshop will be divided into two sessions:

  • Showcasing best practices for teaching and learning DH

In the morning session, participants will have the opportunity to present their ideas and/or actual teaching methods and materials.

  • Challenges in DH pedagogy

The afternoon session will provide a forum for the participants to discuss the most prominent challenges and issues in (digital) teaching of DH as well as the necessary next steps in promoting DH through digital pedagogy.


Proposals should consist of an abstract of up to 500 words and a short bio which should be submitted by e-mail to:

The submission deadline is April 13.

The proposals will be evaluated and selected by a program committee of international experts. The length allocated to each contribution (10-15 minutes) will be decided by the program committee, depending on the number of contributions and the strength of the proposals.

Notifications regarding the acceptance of proposals will be sent out by May 12.

See the full version of the call on the DARIAH-EU website at:

Please distribute the call to any colleagues, blogs and mailing lists that you find appropriate!


We are looking forward to your contributions!

Claire Clivaz, Walter Scholger and Toma Tasovac


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