DH-Videoclip Adventskalender 2016 – Tür 8

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Digital Humanities werden in Irland nicht nur an der Universität Cork voran gebracht sondern natürlich auch am Trinity College Dublin. Ein Video vom April diesen Jahres stellt das Trinity Centre for Digital Humanities vor.

The Trinity Centre for Digital Humanities brings together researchers from many disciplinary backgrounds to facilitate the novel investigation, analysis, synthesis, and presentation of information in electronic form. We also facilitate dialogue between the research and educational programmes that contribute to Trinity’s reputation in this field, drawing in as well the activities of the Library and Research Computing.

The Digital Humanities Centre is a meeting ground for all of these experts, facilitating the collaborations and open exchange of ideas that is at the heart of Trinity’s international reputation in this field.

(Quelle YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuLmqyHAemc)

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