Neuerscheinung: „Research Challenges in Cultural Heritage II – How to Manage Data and Knowledge Related to Interpretative Digital 3D Reconstructions of Cultural Heritage”

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via Sander Münster, Technische Universität Dresden

9783319476469Anliegen des Buches ist es, einen aktuellen Forschungsstand, Praktiken und innovative Ansätze im Bereich der digitalen, interpretativen 3D-Rekonstruktionen umfassend zu beleuchten:

„This book reflects a current state of the art and future perspectives of Digital Heritage focusing on not interpretative reconstruction and including as well as bridging practical and theoretical perspectives, strategies and approaches. Comprehensive key challenges are related to knowledge transfer and management as well as data handling within a interpretative digital reconstruction of Cultural Heritage including aspects of digital object creation, sustainability, accessibility, documentation, presentation, preservation and more general scientific compatibility. The three parts of the book provide an overview of a scope of usage scenarios, a current state of infrastructures as digital libraries, information repositories for an interpretative reconstruction of Cultural Heritage; highlight strategies, practices and principles currently used to ensure compatibility, reusability and sustainability of data objects and related knowledge within a 3D reconstruction work process on a day to day work basis; and show innovative concepts for the exchange, publishing and management of 3D objects and for inherit knowledge about data, workflows and semantic structures.”


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