DARIAH Annual Event 2025 in Göttingen!

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While the DARIAH Annual Event 2024 in Lisbon is still fresh in our minds, we are already looking forward to next year’s meeting: The DARIAH Annual Event 2025 will be held from June 17-20 in Göttingen, hosted by the Göttingen State and University Library (SUB Göttingen), with the main conference days on June 18–20 (Wednesday to Friday).

Additionally, the annual plenary of the NFDI consortium Text+ will be held in Göttingen on June 16–17. Text+, a consortium focused on text and language-related research data, addresses disciplines that are also of significant interest to DARIAH. Holding these two events back to back is both logical and mutually beneficial. It allows for an exchange between numerous related interest groups and disciplines. DARIAH covers the entire humanities, arts, and cultural sciences, while Text+ represents the text- and language-based research communities and the former CLARIN-D and DARIAH-DE leading institutions.

Göttinger Marktplatz mit Überschrift "Save the Date"

Germany is a founding member of the ERIC DARIAH-EU with its leading institution SUB Göttingen since 2014. Göttingen played a pivotal role in all project phases of the German DARIAH node, DARIAH-DE, from 2011 to 2019, and continued to support the DARIAH-DE Operations Cooperation until 2021. Currently, DARIAH-DE is led by the SUB Göttingen (DARIAH-DE Coordination Office), the Max Weber Foundation (National Coordinator) and the GWDG Göttingen (technical lead). All three institutions also participate in Text+ and further NFDI consortia as well as the Association for Research Infrastructures in the Humanities and Cultural Studies.

By locating the DARIAH Annual Event 2025 in Göttingen, it has therefore succeeded in bringing together national and NFDI perspectives with European ones in a joint event. This enables joint work on research infrastructures, data literacy, open science, and the implementation of the FAIR principles. Thus, it is a fittinge choice for the DARIAH Annual Event 2025 to take place in Göttingen, where history and present, national and international cooperation, content and technical leadership, Germany and Europe converge.

Until then, mark your calendars and save the date!

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