Virtuelles DH-Kolloquium an der BBAW, 30.10.2023: „Capture and Preserve Memoirs using AI and Web 3 Technology“

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Im Rahmen des DH-Kolloquiums an der BBAW laden wir Sie herzlich zum nächsten Termin am Montag, den 30. Oktober 2023, 16 Uhr c.t., ein (virtueller Raum:

Dr. Andreas Vogel (Founding Director Legacy Page Ltd.)

While many have the desire to create a personal or professional legacy in form of memoirs, few follow through with it. According to our research, the obstacles include lack of writing, production and other technical skills for capturing memoirs and the lack of a suitable platform for storing and connecting memoirs.

LEGACY is a project dedicated to capturing, semantically connecting and preserving memoirs forever by means of digital technology and business model and governance innovations. Digital technology, specifically Web 3 technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) offer new means for capturing and preserving memoirs.

Generative A.I. –

providing an interactive AI solution to interview people and auto-generate high-quality memoirs, just like what a ghostwriter would do, but with infinite customizability and scalability.

Web 3 –

providing access control and secure encryption of memoirs, minting ownership certificates (in the form of NFTs) with appropriate licensing terms, and linking them to an author’s decentralized self-sovereign identity.

Business Model Innovation-

striving to preserve memoirs “forever” based on an easy to understand pay-once-store-forever pricing model, and long-term perpetual, self-renewing decentralized storage contracts.

Machine Learning –

using machine learning to semantically connect memoirs in a weighted graph, creating a unique collaborative history from individual memoirs.

Governance –

LEGACY requires a governance model which allows it to operate for a very long time while  reserving its mission and culture. We have combined the learnings from long lasting foundations, academies and religious organizations with the Web 3 concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAO) for creating a digital governance model for LEGACY.


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