SSH Open Marketplace: Beta Release

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The Beta release of the SSH Open Marketplace launches today and is available for public testing at

Discovery portal for the SSH Community

The SSH Open Marketplace is a discovery portal designed to offer social sciences and humanities researchers the tools, software, datasets, training materials, and workflows they need to manage their data across the full research life cycle.

5000 individual records and growing

Currently boasting some 5000 individual records – and growing, the SSH Open Marketplace is a key deliverable from the SSHOC project and will continue to evolve throughout 2021. Delivery of the final product by consortium partners DARIAH-EU is planned for December. 

Stable front and back end

The SSH Open Marketplace service already has a polished and stable front and back end and is ready to be explored. Not all of the 5,000 individual records are yet fully curated, and this is one of the tasks to be tackled in the coming months. 

Invitation to the SSH Community

All members of the SSH community are warmly invited to review and test the service. User suggestions may be submitted directly to the development team via the “Report an issue” button provided.

Users who wish to be more actively involved in ongoing developments are warmly invited to join the SSH Open Marketplace Tester Community.

Says DARIAH’s Frank Fischer who is also Associate Professor for Digital Humanities at the Moscow Higher School of Economics and leads development of the SSH Marketplace with colleague Laure Barbot,

The Beta version is an important opportunity for us to involve the community as part of our participatory-design approach. Feedback during this development phase leading up to the final release of the SSH Open Marketplace is most welcome and will be systematically integrated into ongoing developments.“ 

Prior to the release of the definitive version of the SSH Open Marketplace in December 2021, interim updates will be published. 

Immediate development priorities

Given that users will be visiting a live Beta version, problems such as duplicate references or partial implementation of some functionality are to be expected. The website is also not yet responsive for use with mobile devices. All of these issues will be addressed in the coming months.

Go to the SSH Open Marketplace!  

Watch our short SSH Open Marketplace introduction video

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