Datasheet Editor und Geo-Browser Release Version 3.6, November 2020

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Beispielhafte Visualisierung im DARIAH-DE Geo-Browser

Mitte November werden zwei DARIAH-DE-Angebote – der Geo-Browser sowie der dazugehörige Datasheet Editor – in Version 3.6 veröffentlicht. Die damit einhergehenden Verbesserungen der beiden Werkzeuge sind im Folgenden beschrieben. Für alle Fragen rund um den DARIAH-DE Geo-Browser und den Datasheet Editor steht der CLARIAH-DE Helpdesk gerne zur Verfügung.

As of Mid November, the Datasheet Editor and the Geo-Browser will get major changes and fixes for version 3.6. They mainly relate to authentication, authorization, accessibility, and many smaller fixes aiming to improve the usability of both services.

What is new?

In the upcoming release version you can log in via the DARIAH AAI using your DARIAH account or eduGAIN federation account. Your datasets will then be stored to the DARIAH-DE OwnStorage and you can read, write, delete, and share each of your datasets.

The look of the dataset’s IDs will change: Instead of “721203“ the IDs now look like “EAEA0-7A23-E68F-EBC2-0“. The storage URL host and path of your current datasets stay, will be rendered read-only and can be easily migrated.

Smaller issues were fixed, such as: Refine geolocation completion, improve magnetic link section, fix upload to DARIAH-DE Storage, add tooltips, add GeoNames for map selection again, fix TGN issues, GUI bugs, and general HTML and CSS issues.

If you are interested, we would highly appreciate testing the current BETA version 3.6-BETA, that is available as of now at The documentation of the new release version can be found at

As always we advise you to contact the CLARIAH-DE Helpdesk in case of questions or problems you encounter during the use of the services. Through the CLARIAH-DE Helpdesk you have access to the developers and experts behind the Datasheet Editor and Geo-Browser.

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