DARIAH Theme 2020: Call for proposals

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The DARIAH Theme is a bi-annual area of focus for investment by the DARIAH Board of Directors. For 2020, we have selected two streams of funding ‘Arts Exchanges’ and ‘Arts, Humanities and COVID-19’ as our fifth theme. 

Theme 1: DARIAH Arts Exchanges

With this call, we would like to explore what the current DARIAH knowledge base has to offer arts practitioners researchers, encourage institutional and organisational DARIAH partners within local and national DARIAH nodes to embark on collaborative projects with artists and grow our understanding of the infrastructural requirements of this community with regards to the technologies they use. 

The most common format for such an engagement would be the artistic residency but we also welcome other models in the scheme, which may include arts-led events, user needs assessment exercises and engagements, and/or small scale commissions to artists, so long as the focus on mutual learning, infrastructure, and the DARIAH network and assets presents a clear central added value for the project. 

Artists and creators from any field and in any medium or professional role are welcome to participate in these applications with one or more DARIAH national network members.  We therefore invite members of the DARIAH community interested in exploring how the arts can help them to communicate, envigorate or expand their work to submit proposals for this scheme. 

Theme 2: Arts, Humanities and COVID-19

The arts and humanities, and DARIAH by extension as their research infrastructure, have much to contribute to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  From the truly heartening and inspiring response of the arts community to the current situation to the realisation that the historical example of the 1918 flu is becoming a historical touchstone for understanding what we may now face in the near future, we seek to fund specific responses to the pandemic that engage arts and humanities sources, approaches and insight.

One of the areas of emphasis in this scheme could be on how we will collect, curate, preserve and interpret the heterogeneous record of the experience of life and work in early 2020.  We will also look for innovative projects exploring humanities contributions to understanding the virus and its impacts, and what the study of culture, the arts, values, practices and language can contribute to our response to this global challenge.

Proposals & Eligibility

Maximum allowable budget is €10 000, but please note that value for money will be an assessment criterion. Allowable costs under the scheme include:

  • Costs related to events to build an audience or community for the exchange
  • Materials required to deliver artistic work
  • Modest honoraria to non-salaried artists to compensate their time
  • Travel and subsistence to facilitate interaction (if travel restrictions allow)
  • Other justifiable costs (by previous agreement with the DARIAH team)

All applications must be submitted directly on the website https://dariahtheme2020.sciencesconf.org/ AND by e-mail to theme@dariah.eu.

Key dates

  • Deadline for submissions: September 18, 2020
  • Review process: until October 9, 2020
  • Notifications to applicants: mid-October 2020
  • Signature Grant Agreements: October/November/December 2020
  • Start date of projects: November/December 2020
  • End date of projects: November–December 2021 (1-year project funding)

For more information visit https://dariahtheme2020.sciencesconf.org/ or contact theme@dariah.eu.

Original post by Eliza Papaki, DARIAH-EU Outreach and Communications Officer

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