DARIAH Annual Report 2019 veröffentlicht

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Der DARIAH 2019 Annual Report wurde veröffentlicht. Er gibt Auskunft über die Arbeiten und Ergebnisse von DARIAH-EU als geisteswissenschaftlicher Forschungsinfrastruktur für die Community in 2019.

Eliza Papaki auf DARIAH-EU dazu: 

More than at any other point in our annual calendar, the creation of this document each year gives us a chance to reflect on our achievements as an infrastructure, and, in particular, on the question of how we have made a difference for researchers in Europe.

2019 was a busy and colourful year, full of events all around Europe and beyond, impact and strategic decisions with the publication of the 7-year Strategic Plan, growth with two new countries joining as full members and several institutions joining as cooperating partners, research results delivered back to the community from the DARIAH funding schemes and various ongoing projects (DESIR & SSHOC among others). Enjoy!

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