DARIAH Code Sprint 2019, Berlin 24.-26.9.2019: A few places left

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The DARIAH Code Sprint 2019 on Bibliographical Metadata will take place from 24.-26.09.2019 in Berlin. A few places are still free. Registration is possible at https://desircodesprint.sciencesconf.org/registration

Although this is already our second DARIAH code sprint it is not exclusively addressed to participants of the first code sprint. Everyone is welcome! An affiliation to coding in the Digital Humanities or general in technological discussions would although be helpful.

We want to link up to the results of the 1st Code Sprint last summer, which created a nice and productive atmosphere and brought together 30 people from very different backgrounds.

We will have three tracks approaching the wider topic of bibliographical metadata from three angles: Data extraction from PDFs (GROBID), data import and processing applying Bibsonomy and data visualization.

More information can be found at: https://desircodesprint.sciencesconf.org/

The code sprint is organised by the DESIR project (DARIAH ERIC Sustainability Refined), an offspring of DARIAH-EU.

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